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First World Problems

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First World Problems. They are SO annoying. Document them here.
They happen to us all the time. Every day. Your favorite coffee shop doesn't accept debit cards. You only had enough credit left on your card to buy 3 pairs of boots this week. You can't decide which car you want to drive today. The DVR cut off the end of "So You Think You Can Dance" AGAIN. Rather than just set aside one post on one day to chronicle the struggles of living in these United States, I've dedicated this community to making others aware of the problems that exist EVERY day.
annoyance, bad service, being put on hold, entitlement, hard decisions, hardship, i want an oompa-loompa, i'm serious, inconvenience, life is sooooo hard, long lines, making an effort, never get my way, not cool, pain, privilege, seriously, sorrow, stress, technology breakdown, the worst thing, thousands of times, ugh, unfairness, waiting forever, you guys