Stuff being sent early

I mentioned in an earlier post that I ordered stuff a day too late from Amazon and it was going to arrive tomorrow instead of today. Well, they sent it over a day early!

But! I hate when I get the email a minute too early and I click on something and the sale hasn't started yet and I have to click again one minute later. So frustrating!
Grandma will fucking kill you

I forgot to order a blender

I work from home on Fridays, so I try to order stuff on Wednesdays on Amazon so I'll be home when it comes two days later. I've been wanting to order a blender but forgot until this morning. Now I have to wait a week or risk not being there on Saturday if I order one today. 
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I work in a magical place that provides us with free beer. We have 4 kegerators. It's always American beer, and generally micro/craft brew. They change them out often. We are free to drink from them after 5pm, but every Friday at 4pm is "Happy Hour" (even if you're on the clock). There is not even one IPA in any of the 4 kegs. I am sad.